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As we wrap up 2022, it makes me think, what have we done this year on the grid, that is different than other years?

Truthfully, we have to say, we much conviction we do not do things this year differently. We do things exactly the same as we have done in the past and continue to do.

We share.

We don't sit there like some Grid Gods (who's name we will not say) and rain judgment ... "you cannot do this you cannot do that " "We are a sharing grid but only the owners are allowed to copy bot and then ban anyone else who we think are doing that to the stuff we already ripped off"

Nope, we are adults. We are creators.

We create.

We share

We do not restrict who we share with.

We ask only one thing, take out objects, use them with health and happiness but do not sell them.

We have heard SHARE WITH NO MERCY.

And we agree to this wholeheartedly.

We this in mind we have a big announcement coming next week .

Until then, we are sharing some of our best sharing regions of original content: