A few years back we had a fantastic continent project that was very popular. Recently, we have resurrected the idea with some new twists.

Our continent is called Bountiful and it is growing. The area is all varreregions consisting of flat land, winding rivers and bays, and a massive amazing road system that makes me dizzy! Below is just a tiny snippet of roadway. There is a large freeway also

Looking over the bridge from Hazelwood to Strawberry Fields

Our talented builders have started populating public areas .. check out Ares' spots in Silverbell (you may be followed by some characters just warning you see pictures ) and the wonderful watersport area of Thom's with windsurfers and surfing waves

There are parcels all ready to develop whether you need a home, vacation spot, commercial plot or club... your choice. You just have to be a native to Neverworld. You don't have an account yet? Its easy and free.

Overview of the continent. It will expand east and north. The far eastern regions are named after Fallout places

Southern part of the Continent, showing the addition of the Aspen regions as well as some water regions

Parcels have a 5000 prim limit and are anywhere from 7000 meters on up to 18000 meters.

We have attached the very popular and always full region Aspen Homesites, we may start a ferry service to Aspen Harbor from Silverbell.

A moody sky overlooks a small marina in Hazelwood with parcels in foreground that are available for free

The main attraction right now is the massive and intricate road system! Nexus has done amazing things with asphalt and steel. There are bridges, drawbridges, overpasses and more. We have some signage and will be making more as you can and will get lost.

And we have a regional airport in the works thanks to Troy!

Careful where you walk in the woods here, there are giant spiders!

fun view of a great bunch of watersports brought to you by Thom Invr.

Overview of the Northern tip of Aspen Harbor, quite an industrial sim by RIk Sullivan, with Silverbell in the far distance.

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