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Steampunk in Virtual Reality - Introducing Free Port

What does steampunk have to do with virtual reality? It turns out, quite a lot. Virtual reality is an emerging technology that enables you to experience computer-generated environments through special headsets... however, we can do it for free with the use of a special viewer for virtual worlds called Firestorm. Virtual reality gives users the ability to step inside a digital space and interact with objects as if they were real. In the world of virtual reality, anything is possible – even steampunk! If you’re interested in learning more about how VR can be used in conjunction with this exciting subculture, keep reading for our expert guide to Free Port Virtual Steampunk experiences.

Free Port was recently created by our own uber talented builder Nexus Storm. Nexus had never did a steampunk build, so research was done. Living for a time in a semi industrial area of the UK helped to inspire Nexus to build the perfect little post industrial urban sim. You will find all kinds of electrical things, grimy streets, contraptions, gloomy alleyways and of course, many many shops! The brick buildings were inspired by the real life Prince Albert Docks in Liverpool.