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Our New Marketplace

Hello everyone and Happy New Year again. Is it too late to wish for that? Soon will be Chinese New Year, so we think that continuing with the New Year spirit is OK. In any case we still feel festive (my opinion, we should still be celebrating "the holidays" til at least Valentines Day with no interruption in eating, socializing and giving!)

So what is new for 2023? New Year, new feautures on the website.

We have created a fully functional NWG Marketplace, which is opened to all Neverworld Avatars. We have limited access to our members. So what does this mean? This means that when you click on the NW Marketplace tab on the website you will see this :

You will be asked to sign up as a member. You must sign up on the website to use our NWG Marketplace. Once you sign up, you should be able to log in to access or, if your browser allows, you will stay signed in and it will be seamless the next time you check the marketplace.

The marketplace itself is very easy to use and many of the items are free. Please respect the permissions as outlined in the product page of each item.

The items, as of now, are in a zip format that you can download and then reupload to the grid. We try to provide a script if needed for an item in notecard format. You can also add this to the item once you have uploaded it.

We are hoping that when we upgrade our robust servers that we add PHP to our website and you will be able to upload IARS also ...but this is later.

A snap shot of the NWG marketplace below.