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Neverworld Happenings!

We are welcoming the change of seasons, in the Northern hemisphere spring is in the air and in the Southern hemisphere, you are winding down the season to start your autumn soon.

With the change of seasons and the pace of RL obligations winding down from the holidays, creators and residents alike are coming alive with more time to do what we do best- live creatively drama free in Neverworld.

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And we have been spinning some magical places for you to see.

First we would like to give a warm welcome to our new residents. We have some new fae/elven/dwarfish members as well as actual people who are creating magical places to live and enjoy in new regions. We also extend a warm welcome to the many residents who have come to enjoy the quiet and solitude of Neverworld in many of the voluptuous free rental parcels where they can enjoy waterfront places to build their dream parcel.. absolutely for free. All it takes is time.

If you are unsure of where to start, check out our in world destination guide, or our free parcel information on the website. for our beautiful continent parcels and free for all parcels . This is not a complete list! TP to our Welcome to find more parcels or navigate to the links on the websiteOur current projects - We have completed our New Orleans sim in Lonely Mist. Find repros of Bourbon Street. As usual for all our regions, there are freebie stores tucked into the build, including the Ghost Hunter Store, a Voodoo Shop, and a mask shop, as well as some interesting bars and some ...interesting adult activities!

Recently the region Luster, our Romance region was reworked by Alba and Govega, and we have a wedding venue with many temples and places of worship to have your wedding, as well as a formal shop, and an adults only shop with new items. And there are some encounter rooms and a beautiful formal ballroom in a French Rivera styled sim.

We are working on a brand new sim that reminds us of a very popular sci fi movie from 1990 that involves... Arnold, mutants, and a red planet. Did we give it away? When it is done, you are sure to be transported back to the future in a place that could have been a dream? Is it a dream? Kiss me before you wake up!

We have recently had a new builders challenge, "Build a Lighthouse" The requirements was that the build be livable and enterable... Congratulations to Linwe and Roffellos, our challenge winners. More challenges soon so we will keep you posted.