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Happy birthday to us happy birthday to us, happy birthday to Neverworld Happy birthday to us.

10/23/2015 -- Govega, along her friend from Osgrid, Randall Flagg, brought the new grid up live.

At the time, they just had a few varreregions -- the Welcome Center, a Sandbox, and the future Stilwater build. Govega rezzed for the first time on this day and started working on the mega freebies store in welcome. The theme would be slightly off the center of Peter Pan and Neverland, but somehow very tropical.

Soon after, a few of her friends joined her on the grid. Dizzy Marville and Burnt Toast were two friends and builders from osgrid who came on to help with the new regions.

After a simple welcome center was created, and a sandbox Govega started on the build next door called Stilwater, a post apocalyptic build with a greenish scummy canal and many deconstructed buildings. Stilwater still stands in its original place and most of the build is original also.

Another early build was Realm, with a fantasy castle build surrounded by rocky terrain with a few pirate ships thrown in for fun The scrumpy drunk pirate was used at the land to the sim Realm.