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Continent Happenings

So much building is going on in the continent, it is hard to take a breath but a breath we will take, while we share what is going on.

The pretty scene about is just a piece of Silverbell, our flagship continent region. There are pretty, flat free parcels of over 11,000 meters available to all Neverworld Residents with a very cushy 5000 prim limit. Enough for a very large home or mansion and yard. A lot are waterfront, and as all our regions are connected by water also, you can build a dock and a yacht to add to your lux virtual life.

Also as this land is mixed use, here is a great parcel by J. Flame, who has two nice freebie stores of art on her parcel. This is in Hazelwood.

If you travel northwards, you will soon come to a dark and rubbly castle wall. This is the "wall" to separate us from the mundane normal VR to something that takes on fantasy vibes. In different ways. If you peak over the wall what will you see?

A short walk up the cobblestones will bring you to Thundersnow. What is Thundersnow you ask?

Well, frankly, don't go out at night, or, during a thunderstorm (which seems to happen around this dark castle in the Northern parts a lot.. or ... always)

It was kind of fun flying here and waiting to get a lightning strike. I think I managed to get a piece of it, but you must come here for the full large droplet cloud and lightning effect. Oh, and there are people here , or some creatures, lots of them, wandering around, and they seem to be flushed with ... a recent meal? Not sure, but I hear you can shoot them with the proper weapons.