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Blade Runner meets StarWars & Fallout 4?

NEXUS Storm has developed many areas in Neverworld over time. And the latest works are a must-see next time you are on a VR Walkabout.

Stilwater and Lucidus City's cyberpunk sci-fi role play and Freebie shopping areas (more shopping in Lucidus ) The 2 cities have been combined this year and we are updating them creating a huge Cyberpunk role play zone 2 Huge Var City sims surrounded by the Fall out Badlands ( Concord and Abernathy Continent Project Free Housing Sims for Neverworld Residents) So they not only offer Free shopping and role play, there are opportunities for a free home with 5000 prims in the Fall out 4 themed sims next door. The sims have been created with a Dystopian feel of Blade Runner meets StarWars and Fallout 4.

Pictures taken from Concorde which is in the Fall Out 4 Badlands Area post nuclear war zone looking at Lucidus city area

Pictures taken from Abernathy which is in the Fall Out 4 Badlands Area post nuclear war zone looking at Stilwater City area.

Stilwater City is split in to 4 Zones:

1 Upper City; where the "Posh reside government control draconian" Luxury depravity they are above the scum below better breeding and all that ...they do not tolerate Grubbies dirtying their area.

2 Lower City; Grubbies if you don't have money you end up down here, gang zone, blood corruption, want to make a fast buck you can here but don't cross the wrong faction. No Faction has overall control here though parts bordering Lucidus are considered territory of the La Cosa Nostra.