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A Tour of Bountiful Continent Part I

Neverworld is a virtual world created by users for users. . It is a place where people can live and work in a 3D environment. The world has been growing continuously since its release 7 years ago.

The continent is a mixed use area for Neverworld grid members. If you are not a grid member, creating an account is fast. You can get started in 3 easy steps:

1) Create an avatar account at the Neverworld website

2) Download the client software to your computer

3) Log in and explore the continent with friends!

The Neverworld grid is an open source virtual world and metaverse that is free to use. The community is made up of people from all over the world who have a range of backgrounds and interests.

The Bountiful Continent in Neverworld is a growing continuous area. It currently comprises over 160 sims and water and it is still expanding. It has an integrated complex road system as well as navigable water all around. Most of the regions are themed, so anyone who obtains a parcel there may have to limit their builds to the theme of the region. If you are unsure please ask an admin or the group chat inworld.

With that being said, onto the fun stuff!