Lost Notch Ski Village- good place to ski and skate, shop for holiday decor, test the other winter sports or just listen to holiday music by the fire, this is the place.

Crystalwind, designed by Pasha Theas and curated by Andron Rae, changes with the season. Romantic and beautiful this is a must see.

hunt for skulls and redeem at the gift center. Keep score and explore the catacombs, the castle and an abandonned house.

Franocs Place - romantic beautiful ballroom with sweeping views. An elite shopping mall of Posh virtualware surrounds the ballroom. Come dance with your friends and more.

Sands Beach Club the official club of Neverworld featuring live broadcasts every Sunday.

Steamys get your jazz on in this beautiful slightly punk, slightly jazz muchly art deco speakeasy.

Beautiful tropical island with two venues, Breezes and the Pink Flamingo. Water toys, floatables, and dancing. Get your suntan lotion out.


overlooking Free Port, a steampunk themed city of shopping and exploring find Steam Sky, a Victorian-era sim for parcels and feeling proper.

Free Port, a slightly grubby steampunk themed region is chock full of freebie stores and fun places including a monorail and some scenic alleyways.


Your favorite space age city circa 2422 has come to Neverworld. Shop at the massive Orbit City Mall for themed items and art, or take a parcel to live in the future in one of our sky pods

Cyberpunk rp region -- are you a Grubbie who lives under the city or a Posh, who lives in luxury above? Battles for supremacy are always happening here.

Dark Matter Lucidus is a cyberpunk city of multiple levels. You will get lost. You will get creeped out. You will love this place.

Living amongst the toadstools and the cobbled roads, free parcels and beautiful forests await you.

Beatiful highly detailed sim with castles and wandering vampires. Watch out, your neighbors may bite.

If you love to fight the walking dead and other rabid creatures, come to Jade Bay where the swamps are alive--with the dead.


Journey a few years into the future after the END and take a parcel reminiscent of your favorite wasteland survival sim.

zombies ahead! Do you want to live with your windows boarded up fight the newly dead? Parcels for the brave can be leased here.


zombies ahead! Do you want to live with your windows boarded up fight the newly dead? Parcels for the brave can be leased here.